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Ингалации - Медицинский центр „МЕДИКА-ТОПОЛА“ Физиотерапия - Медицинский центр „МЕДИКА-ТОПОЛА“ Electrical treatment - Медицинский центр „МЕДИКА-ТОПОЛА“

Location and climate:

The Medica-Topola medical centre is located in the eco-complex Topola Skies, situated 50 km away from the city of Varna on the Northern Black Sea coast, near the architectural reserve Kaliakra. Its unique location with the vast panoramic view towards the sea, the crystal clear water and the air, saturated with salts, ozone, bromine, calcium, iodine, negative ions, the low humidity of the air, the presence of low-mineralized water and low radiation background, make this area an exceptional oasis for rehabilitation and restoration of the body and soul.

Mineral water:

The water is low-mineralized, hypo-thermal, hydro-carbonated, contains magnesium and sodium ions. It is used for internal and external application.


  • respiratory system diseases – ears, nose, throat
  • locomotory system diseases
  • nervous system diseases
  • endocrine system diseases / obesity
  • skin system diseases, allergy-dermatitis  

Methods of treatment

  • Spa
  • Medicinal massage
  • Inhalation therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Thermotherapy
  • Fitotherapy 

Spa and wellness area

  • Outdoor swimming pool 473 m2, 26-28°C
  • Children swimming pool
  • Steam bath (t - 50°C, humidity – 100%)
  • Sauna (t – 90-100°C, humidity – 0-20%)
  • Contrast shower
  • Relax – recreation area in the open
  • Fitness centre
  • Hydro massage bath
  • Beauty centre
  • Different types of massage


Medical Spa area

Consulting rooms, balneo-therapy – thalasso-therapy, electrical treatment, physiotherapy – medicinal massages and rehabilitation, inhalation therapy, Fitotherapy.



Это лечение с помощью природных и физических факторов. Она включает в себя:

The advantage of the physiotherapy in comparison with other methods of treatment is the high level of effectiveness and safety. The physical therapy allows the minimization of the potential of side effects and unpleasant consequences both for the disease itself and the treatment which sometimes has negative effect on the immune system. The physiotherapy awakens the inner reserves of the organism, directing its natural sources to recovery. The physiotherapy is successfully used for treatment of different diseases of the organs and system of the human body. As an independent way of treatment the physiotherapy is effective in the initial stages of the disease. The physiotherapy is an excellent means for prevention from many diseases. It is most often used as an addition to the main course of treatment 

Balneo-therapy (water treatment)

 Balneo-therapy (water treatment)

The balneo-therapy is an application of natural or artificially prepared water for treatment or prevention. When water is used for external application, the body is subject to thermal, mechanical and chemical impact. Moreover each mineral water possesses specific characteristics, owing to the ions and gasses, the natural radioactivity, microelements, etc. containing in it.


Underwater shower massageUnderwater shower massage - A treatment, combining the impact on the body of the water through a bath with fresh water or a medicinal bath and the intensive mechanical impact, made through under pressure water jet. The underwater massage is performed in accordance with the common rules for medicinal massage: dosage of the mechanical impact through change of the water pressure, the diameter of the jet (selection of the nozzle and the hose), the angle of falling of the jet of water on the patient’s body and the distance between the nozzle and the surface of the body.

Symptoms: impact on trauma consequences, musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system diseases and metabolism disturbances  


Medicinal gymnastics – active Medicinal gymnastics – active. It is a set of exercises used in most of the chronic diseases, associated with the loss of muscle strength and volume of the movements of the joints. If a man exploits his body without maintaining the functions of the muscles, tendons and joints, with the time a lot of the functions responsible for these tissues are impaired.

These tissues are: locomotory system, cardiovascular microcirculatory, lymphatic microcirculatory, immune system


Medicinal massage – passive – The medicinal massage is one of the most ancient methods for treatment of many diseases. It is not astonishing that despite of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry nowadays the interest in the massage not only does not weaken, but increases because this method unlike the medicines does not harm kidneys and liver, and practically does not have any contra-indications.


Electrical treatment

Electrical treatmentThe electrical treatment is a physiotherapy method which consists of very strictly dosed impact on the body through electricity as well as through electric and electromagnetic fields.





ТhermotherapyThe thermotherapy is a method of local impact on the patient’s body with a mixture of paraffin. The paraffin is a product of raw petrol distillation, containing a mixture of high-molecular hydrocarbon of a methane kind. In the base of the curative effect of the paraffin on the body is its warm and compress-like effect.

*Lye treatment – the compresses with lye have a well-expressed anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It is used in waist, knee, and shoulder joints and arms disorders .

Inhalation Therapy

Inhalation Therapy


The inhalation therapy is a method of treatment through supply of medicines in the shape of aerosols in the respiratory tract. This is a painless, non-invasive, quick and effective method, allowing the transfer of the medicine right to the outbreak of the disorder without affecting the circulatory system. During inhalation therapy the outbreaks of inflammation are treated, the swelling of the mucous membrane is diminished, the drainage function is improved and the broncho spasm is removed.



The fito-treatment is one of the most ancient sciences, born more than 6 thousand years ago. The fito-treatment developed for a long time on the base of the ancient method for treatment with herbs, it has always used the experience of the folk medicine which through the intake of various herb tinctures and plants has a positive effect on the body as a whole, contributes to purification of the blood and the internal organs from toxins, increases the immunity.

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