Influence of environmental and geopathogenic factors

Topola Skies Complex is built on land with very good parameters favorably affecting the human’s physical health and mental condition


Relaxation and calmness:

Topola Skies is designed for people who valuer their calmness and inner peace. Here you can enjoy real quietness in the heart of the beautiful nature, away from city buzz. The complex is positioned on a specially selected area, away from highways and busy city roads.

image4Nature and climate

This fact in combination with the constant light breeze, gives the complex the possibility to offer its guests and customers very fresh, clean and quiet atmosphere. It is no accident that, according to tests carried out by our geopatogenic research professionals indisputably proved that even a few hours in the town of Topola and Topola Skies Golf & Spa is an extremely positive affect on health.


Чист кристален въздух в топола скайсClean pure air

The quality of the air in the area of Kavarna is amongst the best in Bulgaria. This is due to the fact that there are no large factories which would pollute the air.

Another very important factor for the cleanness of the air is that there are no major roads passing nearby the complex.

Naturally the proximity of the sea and the comparatively high altitude have a major role for the fact that the air in Topola Skies is so crystal clean.


Кристално чисти води в Топола скайс Crystal waters
Drinkаble waters in the area are very clean and with pleasant taste. There are dozens of old springs, which run fresh and pure spring water with superior qualities.

There are open and hot mineral springs.

There are no large ports or industries Near Topola Skies, that would pollute the soil and water. The lack of major ports and favorable currents provide transparent and crystal clear seawater.

Bulgaria ranks fifth in the EU water quality for swimming in open water areas.



Area wthoute geopathogenic emissions

Topola Skies Complex was built on land which was previously explored regarding all factors affecting the human’s physical health and mental condition.Results of surveys of the background radiation and found NO geopathogenic and technogenic radiation showed that the site is extremely beneficial to human life rises to its tone and activates its vital energy. Read more..


Geopathogenic analysis:

In the desire to give our guests and customers the best conditions, we invited one of the most famous expert of Geopathogenic broadcasts and Anthropogenic emissions in Bulgaria. Mr. Ivan Todorov - an expert-operator in complex systems (


For the first time in the summer of 2012 in "Topola Skies" will be held medical treatment programs. In several areas that will be implemented and monitored by proffesional team. Both medical institutions which "Topola Skies" has concluded agreements for mutual cooperation by one of the largest hospitals hospital "St. Marina "EAD, Varna and the " National Specialized Hospital for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation " EAD, Sofia. Both hospitals support our mission to implements.

What should I know about the complex TOPOLA SKY?



This is a wonderful place where you can take delight in:

  • Piece and tranquility;
  • Ovely view - Daytime, looking north, you can see cape “Kaliakra” and in the night - the twinkling lights of the resort “Albena”
  • Incredibly fresh air determined by the cooling breeze blowing from the sea to the land during the day and in the opposite direction at night. In the region, there are no industrial pollutants
  • Low humidity, because the complex is located on150 meters above sea level.
  • Extremely clean seawater
  • Area with low background radiation

Why should we choose complex TOPOLA SKY?


  • To escape from daily stress and noise
  • To devote ourselves to rehabilitate our mental and physical health, making use of the wonderful climate of the region and the remedial programs based on natural healing factors - CLIMATE, SEA WATER, SUN IN COMBINATION WITH ECOLOGICAL FOOD!
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