Program for the treatment of skin diseases and allergy dermatitis

koji i alergodermatozov

The program allows the decrease of the intensification of the disorders and prolongs the period of remission of the disease. It decreases the risks for occurrence of factors which lead to intensification of the process.

The program includes detoxification, balneo-therapy and remedial gymnastics. Recommendations for a diet and healthy life-style are given.



  • prevention from occurrence of skin diseases and prolongation of the remission period in existing skin diseases
  • psoriasis


N Treatments titles Number of procedures
for 07 days of stay / 05 days with treatments for 14 days of stay / 10 days with treatments for 21 days of stay / 15 days with treatments
1 Examination by a doctor physio-therapeutist, blood pressure taking 1 2 3
Medicinal treatments
2 Remedial gymnastics – daily group classes with a rehabilitator or phytotherapy / a herbal tea 5 10 15
3 Baths with sea water 5 10 15
4 Aroma-phyto-therapy or supersound therapy or magnet-therapy 5 10 15
5 Seafood wrappings (lye, algae) 5 10 15
Total number of the individual medicinal treatments, depending on the state and the doctor’s recommendations 15 30 45
PRICE 188 EUR 365 EUR 543 EUR

*The individual and the group Remedial gymnastics cannot be replaced.

*The heat and the balneo therapies alternate or only one of these treatments is appointed

*The number of treatments is 3 per day, but the type of the treatments is appointed by a doctor. Depending on the health of state of the patient, it is possible additional treatments to be appointed at an additional cost.

*The electro-cardio and the laboratory tests are appointed depending on the symptoms and are at an additional cost.

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