Aparthotel 2012

Award of BHRA

Eco-complex Topolaskies wоn the award for Te Best APARTHOTEL in Bulgaria - 2012

Who we are

We represent both a construction and a management company for Topola Skies holiday complex. It gives you the following advantages:

Alternative Medicine


Holotropic Breathwork

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

Amended or holotropic state of mind arising from Holotropic breathing has very powerful healing and transformative action. During the sessions of holotropic surface push detainees uncomfortable, difficult emotions and other unpleasant physical sensations. Their full expression allows to get rid of their blocking effect. You could say that during holotropic work, one is released causes of problems and limitations that he/she has. Reasons which he brings from his fetal development, from its birth, by upbringing and relationship with the surrounding . Reasons that make us feel insecure, confused, depressed, aggressive, unable to enjoy life. This is a process of purification and removal of old injuries, then we become free, harmonious, complete. And all this happens because we are allowed to activate our "inner healer" hidden in our self healing force.
Besides the powerful therapeutic effect Holotropic Breathwork is, it is a universal way to fast personal and spiritual development. During holotropic process, participants can have powerful spiritual and transpersonal experiences in a new, clearer way to shape the way before him.

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