Aparthotel 2012

Award of BHRA

Eco-complex Topolaskies wоn the award for Te Best APARTHOTEL in Bulgaria - 2012

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We represent both a construction and a management company for Topola Skies holiday complex. It gives you the following advantages:

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine-Yoga

Alternative medicine - yoga

What is yoga?

  • Yoga is a system of physical exercises and breathing techniques that connects spirit, mind and body;
  • A philosophy which deals with universal truths, topical both in ancient times and nowadays;
  • This is a practical method, not a religion whose techniques can be practiced by everyone;
  • Yoga helps to improve the concentration, raise the morale and maintain good physical and mental state;
  • Yoga makes people healthier, merrier, happier and livelier;
  • Yoga brings harmony, peace and balance in life and removes tension, fatigue and stress;
  • The wide range of techniques allows people to choose the most suitable one for them.


Benefits of practicing Yoga for the physical body

 Flexibility and mobility for the joints and tendons, corrects the posture, strengthens the spine, reduces backaches, increases stamina, improves digestion and excretion, has a positive effect on heart and respiratory system diseases, stimulates the immune system, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduces the weight.

Benefits of practicing Yoga for the mind

 Relieves from chronic stress, increases the body awareness, relaxes, improves concentration and memory, slows aging.

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