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Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine - Reiki

Alternative medicine, Reiki

What is Reiki?

 Reiki is a harmless, delicate, non-aggressive treatment technique by placing of the hands, applied either to yourself or to others, which uses the spiritual energy for treatment of physical diseases without pressure or massage. It is, however, far more than a physical therapy. Reiki is a holistic system for balancing, treating and harmonizing all human aspects – body, mind, emotions, spirit – can be used for encouraging the personal and spiritual awareness and growth. The word Reiki translates from Japanese as „Universal energy of the Life-force” or „ Divine energy of the life-force”.

The usual Reiki treatment includes the whole body, but it can be applied to separate parts as well. During the overall session the recipient lies in a relaxed state, the clothes must be comfortable so that not to interfere with the relaxation. The session itself involves placing the practioner’s hands on specific parts of the recipient’s body; the hands may not touch the body, but to be at a few centimeters from it. Normally the hands are held in one and the same position between 3 and 5 minutes and the whole procedure lasts between 45 and 90 minutes. The most noticeable immediate effect of the procedure usually is the state of deep relaxation as well as the rush of power and energy. In some cases release of emotions may also occur. The Reiki session stimulates the natural healing processes, so usually there is not instant “cure” of specific health problems. For chronical conditions treatment a series of four or more sessions is recommended at intervals of between 1 and 7 days.

Reiki is increasingly recommended by some doctors in cases of serious illnesses as an additional treatment to the conventional medicine.

Reiki is a system of energy impact, which activates your own healing powers, while assisting and complementing all possible therapies. Reiki does not substitute medicine and pharmaceuticals; it helps the conventional medicine as well as treatments such as massages, homeopathy, psychotherapy.


Reiki’s effect: 

Reiki relieves the pain, helps the healing process, it can even shape the chemical composition of the body by eliminating the toxins and regenerating the organs, thereby assisting the formation of tissues and bone joints. It is effective against stress, insomnia, migraine, fatigue and strengthens the immune system, maintains and helps the healing process in therapeutic treatments such as allopathy and conventional medicine and psychotherapy. Although people most often use this opportunity as a means of treatment, in fact Reiki is mainly a way for spiritual development, and the treatment is only one of its applications.


The treatment results range:

  • Simple relaxation,
  • Recovery of the connection mind - body
  • Pain relieving
  •  Reducing of negative emotions
  •  Increasing the overall positive tone
  • Feeling of prosperity
  • Up to a miracle.


Reiki training:

Regardless of religion every man can be tuned (initiated) and become a Reiki channel. Going through it the harmony balances people, plants and animals and flowing through us, it balances our own ailments. Reiki is a wonderful method for stress treatment. It relieves the pain quickly as well as all kinds of physical and psychic diseases.

The healing technique Reiki cannot be learned by reading books, self-teaching with manuals and video watching. To become a Reiki channel one has to get a personal tuning (initiation, dedication) by a Reiki master with an academic rank. The training course takes 4-5 hours. After it the person who has received a Reiki tuning, acquires the ability to transfer energy both to himself and to other people till the end of his life.

Reiki is a part of the recognized alternative therapeutic techniques by the WHO (World Health Organization).

If you wish, during your stay in Topola Skies, you can take the opportunity to get a session or Reiki tuning by qualified Reiki healers and teachers.

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